Saturday, November 12, 2011

Land of Opportunity? Maybe...

A young Glenn Beck contemplates his future success courtesy of the American Dream.

When wingnut blowhards like Glenn Beck push that spurious old 'opportunity-for-all' American Dream thing, it always feels like a lie intended only to excuse the idle rich and make the working poor look lazy. But, shocks, perhaps Beck actually believes it? See, Becky really is one of those guys who pulled himself up by his bootstraps to become a successful one-percenter. He really is a classic American Dreamer and, for that, I must applaud him (while cursing Lady Luck for her horrible judgment in his case). Says Michael O'Shea via Blatherwatch:
"I hired 15-year-old-Glenn Beck from Bellingham's Sehome High School to become KUBE's weekend overnight jock... Glenn sent us a tape that was OK... but he closed the deal by being willing to work for $2/hour (then the legal minimum wage). So he got the gig."
Wow. If a cretin like Beck can make it in America, who could argue that this isn't the land of opportunity for all?


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