Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Bracing For The Clampdown

Cities are capitalizing on a bunch of unrelated deaths at or near Occupy camps around the country as pretexts for shutting down the protests. Probably the most egregious is Oakland where a 22-year-old guy got killed in the street in an unrelated fight near the Occupy camp. Mayor Jean Quan then ballsily announced "Tonight's incident underscores the reason why the encampment must end. The risks are too great."


This shooting had absolutely nothing to do with Occupy - except that medics there tried to save the guy. According to Oakland PD, 94 people have been killed in Oakland this year in "civilian-on-civilian violence" making it America's fifth most murderous city. So rather than shutting down Occupy on some kind of creepy Kristallnacht pretext, shouldn't Quan be shutting down her entire f*cking city on grounds of public safety?

Then there's the army veteran who shot himself at the Occupy Burlington camp in Vermont. Predictably, this tragedy hasn't sparked a debate about PTSD or how society could better pay it back to the troops they pretend to give a sh*t about. Nope. Says NPR:
Police announced today that the continued occupation of City Hall Park in Burlington, Vt. was a risk to public safety and it could not continue.
Irony alert: A guy who fought for his country, supposedly to defend the very freedoms the Occupiers express, is abandoned by the system that used him up. And now the system uses his suicide as an excuse to trample said freedoms? If that don't make you mad, go peel that "Support Our Troops" magnet off your car and jam it up your a**.


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