Thursday, October 20, 2011

C*ntservatives Side With Qaddafi Over Obama

So the murderous f*ck who ruled Libya as a personal prison/bank for 40+ years is finally dead. Another victory for Obama foreign policy? Something for champions of democracy to take pride in?

Apparently not if you're one of the sad, brainless c*nts who call themselves conservatives. Choice sampling of Faux News reader comments online:

"I guess the president agrees with revolutions ending in violence....hummmm....what will be the outcome of the occupy wallstreet?"

"These people are animals. Even as evil a man as Ghadaffi was he still deserved a lawful trial. If these people are willing to take it from him they're willing to take it from anybody. As Glenn Beck would say,  This is what democracy looks like. Mob rule."

"These are savages.  Obama is furthering the most extreme interpretation of Islam in the region.  Remember, Obama is a Muslim-born world leader." 

When rethugs nationwide are busily cooking up new Jim Crow laws to stop hard-working po' folks and minorities voting, the fact that these commenters are still free to participate in existence, let alone democracy, makes me f*cking sick.



  1. If Obama invented sex, conservatives would be celibate.


  2. I'm pretty sure they would continue on with being closet homosexuals.


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