Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When Did You Stop Being a Nazi?

When 'Occupy Denver' folks started sporting Twitter style hashtags to identify themselves, the geniuses at Pajamas Media wondered how like swastikas they looked. Ergo: OWS = Nazis.

I just heard Chris Matthews ask a Republican guest "does your party have any sympathy for anybody in any walk of life?" I know he meant the question facetiously but, I thought, who do these mean-spirited sh*ts even tolerate let alone 'love' in a Jesus way? Really, in all seriousness, who do conservatives not hate?

Scratch head... stroke chin... errm...

Well, there's unborn babies. But the vaguely psychotic pro-life stance always comes over as more of a pro-p*ssing-off-women stance in practice. So babies? No.

Then there's that old "support our troops thing". But there are so many asterisks (*unless they're gay, *unless they're Muslim, *unless they're supporting OWS, etc., etc.) that "Support Our Troops" just means cheerleading militarism rather than giving a damn about the people who serve their country. So...

Who do Republicans care about?

Here's a clue: they're now desperately trying to tag the OWS crowd as Nazis and/or anti-semites.

Yup. It's that time again... Not being able to come up with any rational objection to the movement, the rethugs have been forced to just mock Occupiers as "dirty hippies". But that grandma play is no game winner. So how relieved they must be now to be able to blow the dust off the old Hitler card. At last! Us 99%ers are bad because we hate Jews! (Man, I sure missed that memo.)


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