Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ron Paul Revolu... zzzzzzzzz...

Dr. Ron Paul: perennially sidelined libertarian presidential candidate or boring, pointless old tw*t?

Will everyone please stop ignoring Ron Paul?!!

[And just tell the boring old pseud to shut the f*ck up instead?]

God almighty, I am sick of hearing how Paul's so popular but the bad old media just keep sidelining him. It's the same damn mantra every frigging election year. But, I say, good for them for ignoring him. This geriatric poseur should be ignored. And, for once, our tw*tty news media are doing their job right by enforcing a conspiracy of common sense.

But "Paul beat Bachmann" chant the Ron Paul cult bloggers. Oh f*ck off... Just because a few thousand Iowan rubes choose you in a rigged straw poll doesn't make you Benjamin Franklin. It just makes you the a**hole's a**hole. And you can't run for president when you're only one trashbag of cans away from being the mumbling crazy guy on the bus.

So, in conclusion, I say f*ck you Ron Paul. And, furthermore... zzzzzzzzzzz.



  1. Personally, I'd just as soon he got some love from the big media. I mean, he _is_ a lot closer to qualified for the job than is Donald Trump.

    And he's chock full of VERY BAD ideas, which none of the Big Boys media (to my recollection) has ever examined front & center. I think a few weeks of the Wolf Blitzer treatment might really take care of some of the wild-eyed love people have for him.

  2. I've given up on Obama to do something. So I'm going to actually give Paul a try till Obama gets either a challenger or 2016. If we're going to be trying to get Obama back in then we might as well vote in an actual republican except a fake dem.

  3. If you're tempted to follow a Repub, at least make it Jon Huntsman not Ron Paul. At least Huntsman appears sane. Paul is a fucking idiot with mental issues. Yeh, let's cite Galveston as a great example of how people coped with a disaster without "big government" FEMA.... the Galveston hurricane killed 12,000 people... great example, numbnuts!


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