Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Huntsman From Left Field?

I'm still cautiously liking invisible prez contender Jon Huntsman. Not so much that I could ever vote for someone with an R after their name or even take them seriously without throwing up a little at the back of my throat. But... you gotta figuratively high-five the guy for speaking truth and saying what everyone in the media and the rest of the GOP are all too chickensh*t to say: Yes: Michele Bachmann is a f*cking idiot. Yes: Science is not something you can ignore without looking like a willfully ill-informed stone age lunatic.

Huntsman seems now to be a no-hoper after his last place showing in Iowa. Folks are saying that's what motivated his recent calling out of his own party for embracing its unelectable dark side - he has nothing left to lose and was bowing out ungracefully.

But wait...

Picture this: the GOP kowtows to its loons and ends up nominating a headbanger like Bachmann, Perry or Palin in 2012. The Dems rub their hands together and get ready for a walkover... but from out of left field, charges Jon Huntsman with all that reasoned centrism, all that Eisenhower Republican pragmatism and... woah!

Is Huntsman's ostensibly suicidal slagging of Teabagger-centric Republicans really just a warm up for an independent run? Could be. Even if the talking heads on TV don't seem to figure it yet, I can't help thinking Huntsman could draw the independents who are turned off by the conserva-loons and scoop up a lot frustrated progressives too. Watch that space... and, Obama, you'd better start paying some attention to us progs: You might not be the only game in town next year.


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  1. It'd be nice to see a republican derailed for once by an independent. I don't think anyone would consider Bachman, Perry or Palin a walkover on Obama. Despite what the polls appear to say, considering the general mood of the country, Obama still has an incredible amount of support.
    Huntsman is at least talking reason like you said: Eisenhower Republican pragmatism. I miss Ike.


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