Sunday, August 21, 2011

On The Campaign Trail With Rick [insert hair pun] Perry

Oh who am I trying to kid... I tried. God knows I tried again to get mad about Rick Perry's dribblingly insane talking yelling points. I even took a look at his hair-brained "ideas" for whitetrashing the Constitution but... I honestly can't take this crap seriously enough to flip my wig. His policy ideas are so nuts, it's like they were scrawled in feces by a spider monkey with heat stroke (incidentally, we are on our third month of 100+ here in Texas).

So it's back to the hair... What is it? Does it have a super power? Can it be president? Are America's racists still so sulky about the black prez they'd vote for hair? If so, there will be hell toupee.



  1. Left Necks Unite!

  2. I've been seeing a lot of references and pictures on blogs on my blog roll to this guy but I'd been skipping over them because I don't pay any mind to politics. But here a few days ago someone explained to me he's the governor of Texas and figuring on running for president.

    Sheeze. I thought LBJ choked on the big one.

  3. Ugh---do they grow them all stupid in TX?

    Puleeeze! get this guy outta here!

  4. Um, that comment was not aimed at our esteemed blogger here, just the nut job politicos that seem to be spawned in TX.

  5. He he :)
    There are some (a few) sane folk here!


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