Sunday, August 21, 2011

Extinction or Victory in the Class War? The Tipping Point...

The class war has become a class massacre of the poor by the rich.

Hyperbole? I don't think so.

When you've got Fox calling the working poor "parasites" and claiming you can't be poor if you own a damn fridge, when you have the c*ntservative village idiots demonizing teachers and firefighters, when you have a bought congress falling over themselves to preserve tax breaks for the super-rich... you know this lunacy can't last. A tipping point will come because the alternative is national suicide. F*ck the Tea Party, f*ck all the Grover Norquist nonsense... it's time for America to wake the hell up and save itself.

So is there hope? I keep hearing MSNBC libs chattering that Obama's ready to embrace a "soak the rich" policy to get popular support in his reelection campaign. Sounds like a plan... and maybe even Obama can no longer dodge this embarrassingly liberal strategy and risk going down in history as the president who let the economy die. After a long first term of snubbing his progressive base, maybe he's going to be forced to rain a little on the mega-rich parade? Let's hope.

See, it's all cool for the "investor" class right now - these real parasites have never had it so good. Even the economic collapse was good for them and has left them sitting on a record 35 percent of GDP as running around money - money they have no intention of dipping into to help out the rest of the country. Meanwhile, revenue-starved America has become a hobo... "Hey, rich guys, could you spare a few bucks to create jobs and help us get back on our feet?" Nope. These c*nts just laugh because their fortunes are now entirely detached from ours.

The corporations and the billionaires don't give a f*ck if broke-ass 'Merica becomes Somalia because they don't need to live here anymore, their kids don't need to go to school here, they don't need to rely on our sh*tty health care system, they don't need to rely on welfare or Medicare or Social Security or shrinking IRAs to survive, they don't need to worry about US banks collapsing because their cash is safely stashed in IRS-proof off-shore accounts.

Where once even the wealthy were a part of America, tied to the common good whether they liked it or not, they have now left the building... to burn. So go ahead Obama: Soak the damn rich, make those greedy f*ckers accountable, responsible and invested in the future of this country again.


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  1. Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti


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