Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good News Day

It seems like the dumb(m)asses are turning against the corporate fascists who've had them mesmerized for the past few years. Sure, the 'baggers will vote for any faux fiscal conservative who blusters about cutting other people's money... but not theirs. So now, thanks to Paul Ryan's medicare plan scaring the bejeezuz out of America's bitterest oldsters (i.e., the GOP base), conservatism seems finally to be waning. 2012: the GOP Little Bighorn? The dream is feeling a little realer today...

Sign of the coming conserva-pocalypse:

Rush Limbaugh's Ratings Have Fallen 30% In The Last Six Months.

Democrat Kathy Hochul wins NY special election in a staunch GOP district... the Tea Party candidate limps away with 9% of the vote.

The Senate blows off Paul Ryan's budget plan 57-40 with five GOPers breaking ranks and voting no.

Tea Party Florida governor may well be the "least popular Republican governor in the country" right now with a 6 in 10 disapproval rating.

They. Are. Failing. Rejoice and be well!


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  1. Then there's also the sit-com that is the republican presidential primary. It's kinda like watching All In The Family except every one of the characters are Archie Bunker.


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