Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rick Perry's Redneck La La Land

Imagine a state running the gamut from right wing small guv'minters to far right wing small guv'minters all united by a common grudge against the federalist nig'ra lovers who stomped their confederation 150+ years ago.

Then imagine the irony: the state that eschews big guv'mint like the pox also has as governor one of the most successful career civil servants of all time - Rick Perry. This sleazebag dedicated himself to big guv'mint bureacracy and became a millionaire on the public payroll. Yet Perry is still a hero to large swathes of Texans who'd presumably vote for a chimpanzee in a stetson as long as it kept up the spiel about "small government" from behind its gold-plated desk in big Government HQ, Austin.

As if that wasn't enough, we now have said chimp in stetson threatening to run for US President because, I guess, the expense account's more generous and the free car is way cooler. But ain't it weird that a guy who flirted with secession now wants to be prez? Yes... Rick Perry wants to be president of a country he doesn't want his state to be part of. Get yer head round that one.


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