Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eat Sh*t & Die Eric Cantor

The tornadoes in Missouri have claimed 118 lives so far - and more bad weather is predicted. You might think this would be a good time for the slime-basted rethugs in Congress to show a little humanity. But you would be dead wrong.

Unfortunately, this is not a proper disaster like, say, a billionaire having the duck down go lumpy in his $1,000 throw pillow or, God forbid, being asked to pay taxes. Therefore Eric Cantor is telling us Congress will not pay a penny in disaster relief for Missouri until matching federal funds are cut elsewhere. Maybe a few more old folks could be frozen this winter or some more teachers fired to make up for the expense of saving lives? Whatever...

Quick question: who the f*ck does this depraved a**hole think he's speaking for? Sure ain't any kind of America I've ever heard of.


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  1. Herb, Check out my post today and tell me what you think. PErhaps, just maybe, these recreant dickwads are about to be rejected by the citizenry. The proles are a fickled lot and like to play footsie with fringe groups, but in the end, every one of them goes the way of "The bull moose party," The know Nothings, Ross perot's band of merry men, etc.


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