Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Imagine (With Apologies to John Lennon)

Imagine a teabagger utopia... it's easy if you try... no hell below us and above us only sky a noxious haze of unregulated particulate emissions and burning Koran smoke... imagine all the people living for today on less than $6.75 an hour. Imagine there's no countries... (because they have been redesignated wholly-owned corporate subsidiaries). Just imagine...

But we don't.

We still don't get the message that lays within scratching distance of the Tea Party surface: these Metamucil-slurping coffin dodgers want to stomp every sane rule designed to protect working Americans from a full-on face-sitting by the giant fat ass of the richest one-percent. And the danger is here. There are a million examples of the threat, but one struck particularly close to home for me today. Just imagine...

Some years ago, me and the wife tried for a baby. Eventually, we got lucky and our son showed up as a small blob on a sonogram screen. But my wife then needed help to keep the pregnancy going as her womb was what the doctor termed, scarily, "a hostile environment". Her treatment involved progesterone shots to prevent miscarriage or premature labor. The shots cost a very reasonable $10 each and lasted the full-term of her pregnancy. That was six years ago. Fast forward to now...

The price of KV Pharmaceutical's Makena (i.e., progesterone) is set to rise from $10-$15 to $1,500 per-shot. Why? Because the government has granted KV Pharmaceutical an exclusive license to produce and sell the drug so they can set whatever the f*ck price they want. And anxious parents who'd prefer their babies not die will now just have to fork out $30,000 for a course of treatment.

KV Pharmaceutical chief executive Gregory J. Divis Jr. says "The cost is justified to avoid the mental and physical disabilities that can come with very premature births". In simple terms: this is straight-up robbery and blackmail, a protection racket. And Gregory J. Divis Jr. should be on the fast track to a RICO conviction. In no sane world could this cost be justified.

How many parents will now be turned down for treatment by their insurance companies on grounds of cost and either give up on parenthood or suffer the tragedy of losing their child? If the big pharm mafiosos had had their way six years ago, my son would almost certainly not exist today. Simple as that. So how many more kids will not be around in the future because of these greedy f*cking pigs? I hate to toss around the term 'evil' with abandon but... just imagine.


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  1. These old teabagger bastards enjoyed and benefited from "liberal entitlement programs" all of their adult lives and now that they are on their way out, they want to revoke them for future generations. Nice.


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