Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Herpetology News

Herpetology doesn't figure big on this blog. But I couldn't resist this headline:

Scientists discover unknown lizard species at lunch buffet

The story? A Vietnamese scientist discovers a previously unknown lizard species on offer as a barbecued snack at a restaurant in the Mekong delta. He alerts American colleague Dr. Lee Grismer of La Sierra University in Riverside, California who drops everything, flies out to Hanoi and endures a grueling two-day motorcycle trip out to the restaurant. The owner had promised to set aside some of the lizards for inspection but...

"Unfortunately, the owner wound up getting drunk, and grilled them all up for his patrons... so when we got there, there was nothing left."

So much for Leiolepis ngovantrii which, apparently, tastes nothing like chicken. "You take a bite out of it and it feels like something very old and dead in your mouth," said Grismer.


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