Monday, October 4, 2010

You Couldn't Make This Up...

Most times when people write "you couldn't make this up", you usually could. But this..? Are you ready for Christine O'Donnell's "Bozogate"?

Seems the nuttiest wingnut in the Tea Party fruitcake really is the daughter of Bozo The Clown:

The O'Donnell family's past claims that her father Daniel O'Donnell had worked as Bozo sparked an uprising of online commenters who insisted that no, Daniel O'Donnell was not listed on Wikipedia as having been one of the many regionally licensed Bozo the Clown TV hosts... But now [Mark Leibovich at the New York Times] has sorted things out -- Daniel O'Donnell was an occasional understudy Bozo, not a full-time holder of the Bozo mantle.

If you ain't ROTFLYAO right now at the thought that Christine O'Donnell's pa wasn't even a proper Bozo The Clown but a sub, you're probably going to vote for her. Unless you succumb to some disease contracted by licking windows that'll keep you home on election day.


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