Sunday, October 3, 2010

Democrat Spinelessness

Jack Conway, Kentucky Democrat Senatorial candidate, running on a platform of "whatever the other guy says".

Rand Paul is running for the Senate in Kentucky on a raft of fiscally suicidal ideas that could only make sense if you wear tin foil hats and like to direct invisible traffic in the street. His Democrat challenger is thus faced with two options:

1. Do you point out the obvious absurdity of Rand Paul's positions and offer voters rational alternatives that wouldn't bankrupt the country in five minutes flat and turn us into a medieval fiefdom?


2. Do you ditch your own principles and start offering the same crazy ideas as your opponent like you're Target trying to match WalMart's low, low prices across the street?

No prizes for guessing which way Jack Conway jumped.

As a species, Democrat candidates are mostly invertebrates. But Democrat candidates are also closely related to chameleons and are able to change their appearances to blend with any background. In Kentucky, for instance, Jack Conway hides himself by turning a shade of deep red and starts pushing for the extension of Bush tax cuts for everybody - even the mega-rich.

When Obama's busy asking progressives to suck it up and fight for "Democrat values", it doesn't send a particularly helpful message if Democrat candidates themselves can't even be bothered to stand up for "Democrat values".

Instead of presenting an antidote to conservatism, pussyish f*cks like Jack Conway offer only a non-brand, knock-off version of the same poison. God help us.


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  1. I suspect KY democrats are a lot like WV democrats. . . we call them republicrats around here.
    WV and KY were two states that went BIG for McCain and gave it big to MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp both times.
    Meanwhile, they are both poor Appalachian states that don't have a prayer of getting any of the crumbs that trickle down from the tables of the power elite that run the country and the sate.
    In WV tihs year we have our choice between a teabagger who was born with a silver gold encrusted spoon in his mouth and a corporate right wing democrat who was born with a silver gold encrusted spoon in his mouth. One of them will take Bob Byrd's place in the senate.
    Nope, no risen from the coal camps coal miner's daughter or plant worker's son running for office here. Afterall, we've got John D. Rockefeller IV as our other senator.


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