Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Nation of A**holes: Habitat For Inhumanity

The case of the guy in Tennessee whose house burned down because he forgot to pay some local surcharge got me thinking again about how far we've sunk. The fire crew turn out and stand by watching as the guy's house burns with three dogs and a cat inside... When this can happen, and a c*nt like Glenn Beck can come on the air and mocks the guy, there really is something broken. We truly have become a nation of a**holes. So when did the c*ntservatives who applauded this inhumane travesty finally get their way? When did common standards of decency and humanity lose their 'common' and become arguable?

Another example of us becoming a nation of a**holes who've forgotten what it is to be human: "Authorities have found the bodies of 252 illegal immigrants in the Arizona desert this year, an all-time high—even though the number of people crossing illegally is down." Thanks to those humane conservative types who obsess over 'border security' and block humanitarian efforts to provide water and shade for 'illegals'. Nice. You want to cross illegally? You die. Men. Women. Children. Conservatives don't care. Says the first commenter:

"Good-we are making progress. Maybe the next batch of them will think twice before breaking in to the country!"

Like I said, that's men, women and children dying agonizing deaths in the desert as their brains overheat and their subcutaneous fat boils... and a perfectly respectable American a**hole says good. Probably the same kind of a**hole who'd support KY libertard Rand Paul when he dribbles about wanting to screw old folks with a $2,000 Medicare deductible. Probably the same kind of guy who'd vote for a callous bitch like Sharron Angle who probably plans on harvesting the poor as Soylent Green.

Why? Why have we become a nation of a**holes? Why have so many of us been overtaken by the urge to say f*ck you to everyone else? I'm not that old, but I remember when times were better than this.


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  1. When did we become a nation of paranoid, self absorbed assholes? 9-11 was simply fuel to the fire.
    All the greed and all the hate was slowly nurtured over time since the 80s.
    Back in the 50s when we were a paranoid nation of conservative minded folks it wasn't like this. People still had a LOT of humanity in them. The good of the nation was #1 on EVERYONE'S agenda. From that time was nurtured the social revolution of the 60s when social justice, the welfare of the masses AND individualism become very important.
    Now we have devolved into this ridiculous mess.


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