Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Glenn Beck Goes Full McArthy

Poor Becky. The upcoming "One Nation March" in DC is evidently worrying him so much he's gone into full red scare mode. Could his own 90,000 fake populist rally last month soon be totally made the bitch of a much bigger rally of non-wingnuts who really do represent the people? Panic in the propagandadrome... quick, pull on a fedora, pretend it's 1953... and make out like they're all commies:

And what I told you to do last night is go to CPA — CPUSA's Website, Communist Party USA. Radical ideas — you go there. Now, just a couple of clicks, you click there, right on their front page, One Nation join the movement today, and you will see the Young Communist League is organizing for One Nation Working Together in the rally in D.C.

So there's a sprinkling of communists and socialists among the many groups listed as backers on the One Nation March site? So that means the whole thing's one big Marxist conspiracy? Hmm... so if Beck's Restoring Bullsh*t rally attracted 90,000 fat white guys with t*ts and represented the "true voice of America", what happens if, say, twice that many people attend the One Nation March? I guess Becky will get hoisted by his own rhetorical petard unless he can figure out a way to explain how Marxism doesn't represent the will of the American people. Oops... why does Becky hate America? Cuz by his logic, we're all commies!


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