Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Face Tat Of The Day

David Jonathan Winkelman, also known to his buddies as that dumbass with the tat, was arrested Thursday night on a misdemeanor charge in Iowa. The resulting mugshot went viral and revived interest in the decade-old story behind dumbass's tattoo.

Back in 2000, a local DJ offered Winkelman and his son a "six-figure payout if they tattooed the KORB hard rock station's call letters and logo on their foreheads". Being dumbasses, the Winkelmans duly obliged. It wasn't til they turned up at KORB to collect their winnings that they were let in on the joke. How they must have laughed...

The prank did lead to an interesting lawsuit though. The Winkelmans sued the station claiming they had been "publicly scorned and ridiculed for their greed and lack of common good sense" - a kind of hate crime against dumbasses case. But they got the bum's rush from the judge who, being all edumacated n' fancy, probably had no sympathy. Ironic postscript:

"Since Winkelman got the tattoo, KORB has changed both its call letters and its format. It is now an adult contemporary station known as KQCS, Star 93.5."

That just seems to make the whole story even sadder for some reason.


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  1. Did the guy cut his lips off on a bet?

    Behold the wonder that is Sacramento Mugshot Archive...


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