Friday, September 24, 2010

Failure Accomplished

It's always taken a special kind of masochism to be a liberal in this country. And it's always been soooo much harder cheering for the Dems because American politics is a team sport and the Dems are a spectacularly sh*tty team. How much easier it must be to be a conservative and just mindlessly cheer on your side like a lobotomized Packers fan whatever they do.

This has never been as true as it is now. The current Dem line-up has failed us so horribly even our cheerleaders have ditched their pom-poms and gone home. The home seats are emptying and the Jumbotron has shut down... Our defense is sh*t, our offense even worse... And for nearly two years, all we've been getting from Coach Barry is the old 'hang on in there' speech while we all wait for the much hyped hope and change to show up and take the game. But the official Democrat cave on taxes is a final straw for me. I'm done. These spineless p*ssies suck more than a Republican Senator at a gay orgy. They have betrayed the middle class of America and, God knows, they deserve a righteous pummeling in the mid terms.

But maybe that's their lame plan. Even with a healthy majority, they've been unable to do a damn thing in DC thanks to the paralyzing force of GOP obstructionism and their own inert cowardice. Maybe they figure the best they could achieve in November is a slightly reduced, and therefore even more useless, majority. So perhaps they've just decided to sit this one out and go for the cheaper and easier total obliteration option? Hey, there's always 2012... Half of me can't blame them for that. But...

As many commentators have pointed out, the Bush tax cuts issue was a frigging gift - the best thing to happen to Democrats in more than a generation. But they've blown even that without so much as a touch of the ball. So sorry guys, you're on your own. You ain't getting my vote. The coach might come on TV asking me to fight for him but, hey, f*ck you Obama. How much fighting have you and your team of limp-d*cked bozos done for me? Zip, zilch, nada... so roll on the teabagger revolution.

Like I said, I'm a liberal so I'm no stranger to masochism. At least I'll get the small consolation of laughing at the conservatives and saying "told ya so!" as they suffer through the next Republican regime right along with the rest of us. But these are dark times indeed when your only comfort is schadenfreude.



  1. I don't quite understand how US political system works, but why can't Obama/Democrats seem to do anything? Why is it that when Bush was in power, all kinds of new laws were passed, yet the Dems struggle to get anything through? He has a majority, doesn't he, so what's the problem? Seems baffling to an outsider.

  2. The simple answer is that Republicans tend to vote en masse according to what the whips tell them. For Republicans, it's all about party discipline. But there are "Blue Dog" dems who represent conservative districts around the country who fuck things up for the Democrats by voting to please the people back home rather than the party whips in DC. "Obama Democrats" have never had a majority because 3/4s of the Democrat party, the "Blue Dogs" are basically Republicans.

  3. I see. Now I understand why you call them spineless p*ssies.


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