Friday, September 17, 2010

Burn Meg Whitman At The Stake!

Hmm... if they still have evangelical conservatives out in California, they might want to think twice about voting for gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman. Maybe burning the ex-Ebay CEO at the stake would be more appropriate?

It's amazing what Ebay let's people sell. Like "Vampire Transformation Spells" for only a grand with free shipping. You even get to choose cool super powers with optional extras like shape-shifting, x-ray vision and time travel.

But, you may ask, what does a customer do if they have "bad/evil spirits attached to them"? No-one wants to get stuck for eternity as an evil entity who never gets laid. Don't worry. As the ad says, "Ebay has spells to deal with that".

Ebay currently lists more than 6,000 ads under its "Spells & Potions" category. From potions promising to "make anyone horny" with "Adult XXX Professional Magick Sex" thru to witches offering spells for baldness and "Booty Enhancement".

So what you say evangelicals? Light them torches and grab the holy water... the Ebay witch must die! (BTW, holy water is only $4.50 for a 4oz bottle on Ebay.)


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