Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleep Well...

There's 70,000 tons of extremely radioactive waste uranium and plutonium sat in "temporary" storage around the country. It started piling up 60 years ago and it's not going anywhere anytime soon because no-one knows what to do with it.

There was that plan to bury it all under Yucca Mountain, Nevada, and hope for the best. But that got nixed when someone remembered Nevada is the fourth most quake-prone state in the US and a big-ass fault runs right underneath the proposed site. Doh! Now we have to wait til 2012 for a government-appointed panel of experts to come back with new ideas.

It's easy to see how 'temporary' storage could last indefinitely as successive governments kick the large and deadly can down the road. No-one wants it buried anywhere near them. Even those pushing for more reactors just stick their fingers in their ears and go "la-la-la..." when anyone asks about waste. This sh*t remains dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years and the backlog is expected to exceed 153,000 tons by 2055.

So sleep well, my friends!


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