Monday, August 9, 2010

The War On Terror

The ongoing anti-Muslim hate campaign makes me wonder how blissfully unaware of history wingnuts must be. How else could they co-opt Nazi-style racial scapegoating so blatantly and with so little shame? Hasn't anyone amongst them even skimmed a history book and noticed how Hitler's prewar treatment of German Jews parallels the way they're treating American Muslims?

It also makes me wonder how 'Baggers disprove their own case every time they open their fat, stupid traps. The fact that they're free to push their hate unmolested and largely unchallenged by the people they're attacking only goes to show how stoic and peaceable regular Muslims really are. And how far away they are from the terrorist/fanatic stereotype pushed by fringe hate groups like the... err... GOP.

One side in the "debate" do show themselves up as terrorists, fanatics and all-round enemies of civilization. But they don't read the Koran - aside from maybe the Glenn Beck crib notes.


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  1. Good post Herb. I ripped it and posted it over at my place.


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