Friday, August 6, 2010

Tea Bag Spastics

Jeez. Here we go again... some PAC has started a 'bagger blog (you know it's a PAC because it comes up on Google ads) entirely devoted to insulting Democrats by coining the phrase "Blue Dress Party" as a reverse homage to Clinton. Sputter they:

If the Socialist Democrats are going to call us Tea Baggers, then let us―the Tea Party Movement, the Tea Party Convention, the Tea Party Patriots, the Tea Party Express, the Tea Party Nation, the Tea Party Movement Wiki, and the Tea Party Convention Nashville―call them the Blue Dress Party―Obama's Blue Dress Party!

These dumbasses are claiming Bill Clinton started calling them teabaggers first - hence the Monica Lewinsky "Blue Dress" retaliation. Err... actually most people already know that they called themselves teabaggers first.

Is this the first time ever that so many retards have got so mad at other people for a joke they unwittingly played on themselves?

For f*ck's sake how much further do they have to go trailblazing new heights of stupid before everyone just says enough is enough, Dick Army packs up his freak show and the media quits humiliating the country by pretending these Sling Blade rejects represent middle America?


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  1. "pretending these Sling Blade rejects represent middle America?"

    They work hard at that. They have names like "American Voter coalition." "League of Patriotic Citizens." As if they represent all those people. I mwean, how can some dull witted prole NOT want to join up with the "patriotic citizens?" Such names tell nobody a damn thing about who or what they are or represent. That's the way it needs to be for these manipulative pricks because all they are appealing to are the 24% who only react on an emotional level and will back conservatives till the country collapses no matter what.
    Yes, that 24% with a few fence sitters can run things in this country if motivated. The right is very good at motivating their core.


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