Saturday, November 12, 2011

Victor Davis Hanson: Racist F*ckwit Alert

Victor Davis Hanson has an insane NRO article that proves Ivy League degrees out the wazoo and high GPAs do not necessarily preclude you from being a racist moron. Here he's outlining, as Ann Coulter might say, why Herman Cain is a "better black" than that uppity fraud Obama:

Again, the comparison with Obama is volatile: Cain is authentically African-American and of an age to remember the Jim Crow South; Obama, the son of an elite Kenyan and a white graduate student, came of age as a Hawaiian prep-schooler, whose civil-rights credentials are academic. Cain’s lack of experience and seemingly embarrassing ignorance about the right of return or nuclear China are amplified by his unaffected style, whereas Obama’s similar gaffes (57 states) and buffoonery (inflating tires to preclude drilling for oil) are mitigated by metrosexual cool. After all, we live in an age when Herman Cain, with his black hat, his deep Southern cadences, and his ease among tea-party crowds, is suspect, whereas Barack Obama booms on about “millionaires and billionaires” while golfing, jetting to Martha’s Vineyard, and shaking down demonized corporate-jet owners at $35,000 a pop.

Like a typical white conservative, Hanson appears to inhabit an unselfconsciously racist parallel universe where black folks in dungarees munch watermelon and behave only in ways deemed acceptable by white conservatives. It's only a short night ride from the pre-civil rights South where 'niggras' found themselves lynched for looking at white folk funny... but Hanson's universe breeds a more nuanced kind of white supremacist thuggery: Here 'uppity blacks' such as Obama, don't get physical beatings - just media beatings for not conforming to what white racists define as 'black authenticity'. Is this f*ckwit serious? He seems to be.

Hmm... I like mayonnaise, I whisper in movie theaters and my tennis shoes are scuffed... So I guess I qualify as "authentically white". Therefore, would I be qualified to disown Victor Davis Hanson and drum him out of the white guy club for being an embarrassing, racist a**hole?


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