Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shot In The Face And You're To Blame... You Give "Liberal" a Bad Name

Jean Quan, Dem mayor of Oakland, WTF?

Out of all the cities in America, it had to be your liberal city that went Syrian on OWS first?! Says Roar Mag:

Police violently evict Occupy Oakland, attacking protesters with teargas, flash grenades and rubber bullets, arresting dozens and shooting one man in the face.

I'm looking forward to the Occupy movement becoming the anti-Tea Party. Just like they took over the GOP and stamped out the last vestiges of intelligence and compassion that remained, it seems inevitable that OWS will make the Dem party its bitch. But, big difference, for the good. OWS influence can only make things better and force the party to shed the reactionary a**clowns and "blue dog" losers who hinder progress. Hopefully, we can start with Andrew Cuomo and Jean Quan.


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