Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random Picture of The Day

Today's WTF?! Award goes to Raging Elephants for putting up this billboard in Austin. Like, err... does this mean the GOP will start disenfranchising themselves and taking away their own right to vote then? Maybe these maniacs should ask Dorothy Cooper if she agrees that "GOP is the new black".



  1. Love your site... keep up the good work! I just stumbled upon it tonight while I was looking up Matt Drudge's 'background' (I can't imagine how a human like that could've formed... but then I read he was nearly institutionalized, which makes some sense). Anyway, I was raised in the Northeast... but found myself living in the Southeast for several years when my husband took a job we couldn't refuse. It was rough for me; but people like yourself kept me sane!

  2. ...Oh, and yes... that billboard is RIDICULOUS! As a black woman, I always find it interesting that the GOP thinks the black population could be swayed by a slick marketing campaign (not that this one is by any means 'slick'). It's comical. Something about it reminds me of when Mitt Romney was out soliciting votes in a black community during the last election, and he (out-of-nowhere) started chanting "Whoop, Whoop, Whoop, Whoop... who let the dogs out???" (as he looked around with an 'amiright? amiright?' grin on his face). The GOP trying to 'relate' is always a travesty.


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