Saturday, October 29, 2011

Being Mean To The Elderly

Some Ron Paul cultists have snuck up a billboard next to my highway exit reading "Ron Paul: Restore America".

Now I have to see that damn thing every day? A**holes!

I admit I have learned things from Ron Paul (like how eyebrow toupees really exist) and I really hate to be mean to the elderly but... what the f*ck does 'restore' mean in this context? Just like all those pseudo-intellectual racists and senile farts who worship Ron Paul, I have no idea what he means. But I'd suspect it's more of that "embracing the founders" bullsh*t he yammers on about and pretends to understand.

But would the Founding Fathers have any truck with Ron Paul? Or would they just laugh at this arch reactionary trying to claim kinship with their revolutionary selves? Back in their world of omnipotent aristocrats and forelock-tugging serfs, the founders were by far the most progressive thinkers around. If they were around now, they'd be embracing causes and concepts that would blow Ron Paul's mind. He'd hate those progressive hipsters and, I'd bet, they'd hate him right back.

So, Ron Paul, you can blow your 'restore' out your shriveled ass, you tiresome fake.



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