Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet Your Enemy

Paul Singer is an über-rich parasite who's made a fortune screwing the world's poor and is now funding efforts to undermine the Occupy Wall Street movement. Currently worth $900 million, Singer made his stash buying up third-world debt for pennies on the dollar which he forced collections on — even from countries suffering starvation and war. He also financed "Swift Vote Veterans", "Crossroads GPS" and the "Arkansas Project" - a project to invent stories about Clinton to fuel impeachment efforts. More recently he's been revealed as the backer of the fake journalist 'agent provocateurs' who've been stirring things up at OWS marches.

Hate to go all melodramatic and stuff... but this guy? Jeez. Satan himself would feel outclassed. But the fact that this scum is worried enough to start shelling out his own blood money to counter the OWS protests? I guess you know that's when they're working.


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