Saturday, October 29, 2011

GOP Self Destructing

Killing the GOP: "Red Rum, Red Rum!"

Did I mention that Jon Huntsman is my favorite Republican?

True, that's a little like saying 'A' is my favorite kind of hepatitis. But the guy really does come over as reasonable and likable... especially when compared to the barrel full of retarded squirrels currently vying for possession of the One Ring.

I mean, really, Herman f*cking Cain leads the field at 30% while Huntsman languishes at 2-3%??? Never was there a starker illustration of how Republicans hate reason, intelligence and moderation and how the nihilistic cretins would rather pick anyone who pushes their neanderthal buttons than an actual leader with more than a hope in hell of winning an election. These people are experts in making themselves irrelevant. And, for that, I must applaud them.

As a liberal, I'm backed into the miserable corner of having to support a failed leader next year. There's no Democrat primary challenge. But the GOPers have the luxury of choice and they seem locked into choosing a f*cking idiot? I guess a hoorah is in order.

But for Huntsman, international statesman and all-round winner in any race not fixed by stupid, there is one consolation. Says the Daily Caller:

Jon Huntsman Sr., the billionaire industrialist and father of former Utah Governor and Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr., says his son would easily win a presidential election... in China.


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