Saturday, September 17, 2011

OK, We Blew it... Roll on Clinton II

Let me put on my oracle hat and foretell the future. If I'm right, I'll point to this post in years to come and be unbearably cocky. (If I'm wrong, consider it quietly deleted...)

So switch on the theremin and let's peer forward through the mists of time... ooh-weeh-ooooh...

Obama now owns the weak president t-shirt (as once worn with far less justification by poor ol' Jimmy Carter) and his second term chances are f*cked. Weak? He's like one of those feeble moms in WalMart trying to corral the kids and assert her authority. But the a**holes in DC are totally ignoring mommy Obama and running all over like sugar-buzzed toddlers instead. Nobody's doing a damn thing about job creation, the economy, infrastructure or anything else that matters. So, as the election looms, Obama's approval trends lower than dogsh*t and Rick Perry is the presidential frontrunner. Damn.

But the establishment GOP don't like the prospect of Perry scaring independents away from the polls and losing the election power grab for them. They'll have to kill off the sh*t-kicker Frankenstein they created to make sure Romney gets nominated instead. So I'm guessing they already have Perry insurance in the form of dirt to scupper him in the eyes of the 'baggers. Like... maybe Perry has a secret half-Guatemalan love child? Maybe there's a bi-curious experience in a rodeo restroom he'd prefer to put behind him? Maybe a secret portfolio of green energy shares..? Cue: President Romney 2012. Double damn.

But don't despair completely. As we're now living in a new age of piss-poor one-termers, the reign of Romney shall not endure. There'll be more voter remorse and the GOP will suffer an electoral massacre in the next midterms. Then cue president Clinton II in 2016.


It'll be Hillary. Not this time, but soon-ish. Mark my words.

See, in the interests of contrition, I should point out that I was very wrong about Ma Clinton in 2008. Like most of the country, I saw Obama as a big breath of fresh air, a new kind of transcendent candidate who'd fix the busted system the Gingriches, Bushes and Cheneys had spent the previous decade sh*tting on. At that time, Clinton's insider image, her weasel words and her ability to operate so deftly within that system were big turnoffs. But Obama has failed to live up to the hype. He might have aced the interview, but he f*cked up from day one on the job. So now, like many disgruntled progs, I really wish we'd backed Clinton after all. I can imagine that things would have been a whole lot better now with her in the White House. I hadn't figured it then, but what we really needed was an insider, a weasel, a cynical pol on our side who could corral the sugar-buzzed kids in the capitol and get stuff done. Man, it hurts to say it but... I was so wrong in hating on Clinton.

Sad to say, but I'm just going to close my eyes now, go to my happy place and sit out the next 5-6 years. Hillary Clinton 2016 it shall be.


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  1. I supported Hillary all through her campaign. I truly believed then that she was the best choice and I believe now that it is evident she was. Nothin' like being able to say "I told you so", but its a sad state of affairs. I just want Bill back. I don't care who he f*cks--he never tried to f us the American people.


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