Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thought For The Day

How richly those bitter, know-nothing a**holes deserve to live in the world they dream of. Unfortunately, no-one else does.



  1. Yep, unfortunately I truly believe they will get their way. I have become and ex-patriot and will not return to live in the US until it gets its act together. Have moved to Canada where they have universal health care (like most civilized countries), are much more tolerant of others and there is virtually no recession. If they don't like the government they have, the people here can hold a vote of 'no confidence' and throw the lot out and get a new government. Imagine that in the US!

  2. If one of the two Ken dolls wins the next election....I will be joining you there. I am thinking Bamph...somewhere in the Rockies.


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