Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paging Doctor Freud... Conservative Idiocy on the Analyst's Couch

Emperor Merciless Dufus declines another clemency plea.

Saturday morning ruminations on conservative idiocy...

By Freud's reckoning, still the prevailing theory for explaining how the mind works, the ego is the part of the mind that represents organization, logic, realism, while the id (the root of idiocy) represents chaos, illogicality and raw impulse. In civilized societies, we consciously suppress the id and nurture the ego to stop everything running off the rails... only little kids, lunatics and average conservatives are unshy about freeing the "lizard brain" impulses of the id. So conservatives quite literally are idiots. See? Simple ain't it?

Need more convincing? Try watching a highlight reel of the Republican debate the other night.

I was struck by how the whole thing boiled down to a struggle between Romney (in Freudian terms, the conservative super ego) and Perry (the conservative id) for the "soul" of the party. And it was depressing. Given several thousand years of human civilization, it was sad to see how little progress some folks have made and how easily the conserva-id seemed to win. Even within the supposedly elevated environs of the Reagan Library, even with a hand-picked audience of camera-friendly, non-drooling conservatives, the id/mob mentality was much in evidence. For example:

When NBC’s Brian Williams asked Perry the question about the death penalty and pointed to the 234 executions he'd authorized as governor – even before Perry answered – the Republican debate crowd erupted in applause for the governor’s actions.

Yes. Even a "reasonable" crowd of privileged, comparatively informed conservatives cheered like a blood-crazed mob at the mere mention of killing people. They didn't pause to wonder how many of Perry's 234 executions were de facto murders given the statistical inevitability that a fair few were the executions of entirely innocent people. They didn't even pause to wonder WWJD..? Nope. These suburban moms, small business owners and golf-playing retirees cheered like a crowd at the Coliseum saluting emperor Perry and his willingness to throw down his thumb.

So does anyone outside the MSM bubble really believe these literal idiots will ever get around to considering the policies of the various GOP candidates? Not a hope in hell. They just want Caesar Augustus... and they want the rest of us to bypass our own egos and be just as f*cking conservative dumb as they are. Good luck 'Merica!


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