Monday, September 19, 2011

Crap Roundup

Andrew Breitbart
Andrew Breitbart on the warpath... watch out liberals!

Today in crap... Ralph Nader says he's looking for someone to run against Obama in the Democratic primaries. (Hopefully, that idea continues not to occur to the GOP.)

Then there's an uppity 'tard bagger by the name of David Lewis challenging the Big Orange himself for his Ohio seat. According to Lewis, John Boehner is a socialist. Wow. I think we have a winner in the ongoing Tea Party game of "who can think of the least socialist thing to call socialist". Bernie Sanders must feel so slighted. Really.

And penultimately... Paul Ryan is asked about the state of Georgia's genius idea of forcing unemployed folks to work for free. "The Georgia plan sounds pretty interesting," Ryan told Fox News' Chris Wallace Sunday. So there you have it. Given that Paul Ryan is probably the most heartless son of a bitch in a party comprised entirely of heartless sons of bitches, it can't be long before he starts thinking bullwhips and ankle chains are "a good idea" too. God help us.

Oh... and let's not forget Andrew Breitbart's ongoing nervous breakdown. Now he's telling sympathetic 'baggers that he'd like to "fire the first shot". Is he still talking civil war or gay porn? Who the f*ck knows...


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  1. Ralph Nader is looking for someone to run against Obama in the Democratic Primaries? Why do I smell a little pat Robertson in all this?
    What has Nader got to do with anything?


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