Sunday, September 18, 2011

Andrew Breitbart Calls For Anti-Janeane Garofalo Civil War

Sad, bloated, permanently premenstrual Breitbart is soooo mad about being called gay by snarky liberals he's called for a civil war to rid the country of us. Says Gawker:

Breitbart's war fantasy pits Janeane Garofalo, SEIU, and "public sector union thugs" vs. him and America's gun-owning anti-liberals. "They can only win a rhetorical or propaganda war," he told a gathering of Tea Partiers in Boston. "We outnumber them and we have the guns." When the gatherers laugh, he reiterates: "I'm not kidding."

I'm not about to pick apart Breitbart's stream of clinical paranoia... but I would like to ask why wingnuts, such as he, always assume "liberals" aren't packing as much heat as conservatives? The rural backwoods and urban ghettos of America are teeming with liberally-inclined firepower... If there ever were some kind of bipartisan civil war that pitted conservative against liberal, I'm sure the right-wing dipsh*ts would be in for a panty-wetting surprise... Just because liberals don't worship and fetishize guns as penis substitutes, don't mean we ain't got 'em too. Teabaggers: be careful what you wish for!



  1. That is one of the things that has always struck me as odd about those "Ordinary Citizens" whose only goal is to "Assemble Peacefully" and "Voice Their Opposition" according to their First Amendment Rights.

    Then you look at their assemblies and you see all these dreadful hae signs, some of which call for armed insurrection and revolution--not to mention violence against people-- and you understand that some of them are packing loaded weapons to their rallies-- and you hear of them hurling bricks through windows and calling people ethnic begin to wonder whether this crowd is either lunatic, dangerous or both.

    Your Blog, "The Red Neck Liberal" was referred to me by a friend and I am alrady in love with it. I think you do need a "Contact Me" feature however.

    I have already linked "The Red Neck Liberal" to my own blog, THE LIMING LIBERAL DIGEST and I am planning to use a lot of your articles for inspiration because, as they say in Merry Old England, you are "Spot On!"

  2. So glad I could introduce you two! Now I know 3 of us libs in the blog world. Keep it going!


  3. Right after the presidential election, when the local pawn dealers in my small town started running ads with Obama's picture and the newest "Get yer guns now before the Kenyan takes em away" theme...similar to the ones they ran when Clinton was elected, I decided it was time to start gunning up myself.
    I know farmers in the area that have arsenals that would have put David Koresh to shame. I am talking licensed full auto, 50 cal... suppressors...the whole deal. I made it a point to get only those kind of type weapons the penis challenged seem to love so much.
    I do a lot of target practice out in the country, and I always like to point out to the gun nuts that I don't own a single gun designed for hunting.... animals that is.....
    As time goes on, I notice a lot of wing nuts, in their none to subtle language, like to make noise about how liberals better get in line or they might get shot. I think it helps to point out to them at every opportunity, paraphrasing Jim Garner from the Rockford files: "Hey, this is america idiot, everybody has a gun."


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