Wednesday, August 10, 2011

D(emocracy) Day Failure...

Wisconsin: Rethugs win, Dems lose.


Seems every parasite in the country (from the Kochs, thru Wall Street, to the fascist hobbits of the Tea Party) are able to mobilize effectively. But "Big Labor"? They just ain't so big no more and couldn't swing the working class voters of Wisconsin. Why? How does this happen? Why were the unions so powerless to effect change? I guess it's because the American working class is now too preoccupied with hating itself to care.

Instead of voting in our own interests, we were busy casting spite votes to cut off our neighbor's unemployment benefits... to make sure Hyundai-driving fat cat teachers lose their pensions... to make sure incautious waitresses can't get abortions and keep their jobs... After all, who gives a rat's about helping those like ourselves when we can righteously f*ck them on behalf of the moneyed class we fantasize about ascending to? Man, we suck. And we deserve the sh*t we get.



  1. Agree with you 100%. The proles are ignorant fucking idiots.

  2. Gettin' a wee bit more cynical are we not .... Can't imagine why. I had always been a newsman, but by mid-July I took to avoiding ALL news just because it was so stupid. After4days I came back and nothing had changed. As Marvin says in Hitchhikers Guide ... I'm so depressed!

    Left Back


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