Saturday, August 13, 2011

China: You Are F*cking Nuts

In China, this is considered disgusting. You'll never guess what isn't...

They keep telling us that China will soon make the world its bitch and steal away 'Merica's top bully title. But... really? Sure, it might not be politically correct to say this, but China seems too f*cked up, way too uncool to be a contender for world domination. It would be like Gary Busey taking over as pope.

Now let me apologize to any Chinese folks who might be reading this... maybe you're not currently engaged in eating live rat fetuses, aborting your daughters, trading kidneys for iPads or poisoning kids' toys, but many of your homies are... And no amount of cultural tolerance can excuse this freakish sh*t. China leader of the world? Errm... how could I put this politely? Not of my planet.

So where was I going with this Morrisey-style rant? Ah... yes. Seems the Chinese are no longer content with dried tiger c*cks and have discovered yet another quirky pick-me-up with which to disgust the rest of the world: dead baby pills. Says the news:

A South Korean SBS TV documentary team accuses Chinese pharmaceutical companies of selling dead baby pills as stamina boosters... The companies purchase baby corpses and store them in some family’s refrigerator to avoid suspicion. The next step in this highly secretive process is putting the corpses in a medical drying microwave and grinding them into pills. The ground baby powder is then put in a capsule, ready to be sold as a stamina enhancer, according to the SBS team... The Korean team acquired the dead baby capsules and ran DNA tests on it. The test results reportedly indicated the pills were 99.7 percent human. The test also found hair and nail remnants, and even the gender of the baby could be identified.

Well done China on upping the gross-out ante. And to think you guys think cheese is disgusting??? China: seek psychiatric help.



  1. No doubt!! (You forgot to add the slow, torturous murder of dogs and cats for the dinner table).

    I sure as hell don't have to be "tolerant" of this shit! China is where my cultural tolerance ENDS!!

    p.s. I love this blog!

  2. "Stamina boosters", huh? So western Big Pharma hasn't taken the cue and packaged this little bundle of joy with "the purple pill" yet?

    Get ready.


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