Sunday, July 10, 2011

Social Security For The Rich. Why???

I love Bernie Sanders. He's like a one-man Jurassic Park of American Socialism. He's the antidote to the weird, uniquely American disease of working people hating ourselves. But, Bernie, WTF? You're now threatening to filibuster any debt ceiling agreement that touches social security?

Again, why the hell should Social Security be off the table? Why the hell can't we re-jig the system to, for instance, make sure only people who need money get money? That would free up a bunch of revenue that could be moved elsewhere. It's not rocket science: I don't want my taxes being used to pay out monthly guvmint checks to old rich f*cks who sorely don't need them. It isn't frigging fair Bernie and, as a socialist, I can't fathom why you wouldn't be right on board with that.

It seriously f*cks with my head to imagine, say, Warren Buffet getting Social Security. But even being the third richest man on the planet doesn't disqualify you from getting your checks - just like all them other oldsters huddled round candles scarfing down cans of Ol' Roy for dinner. This is frigging insane. (I should of course mention an important qualifier: Buffet sends his checks back because he doesn't need them. Google me this, how many "anti-entitlement" teabaggers do that?)



  1. I totally agree! The idea that you get a check because you paid into the system is just wrong. Social Security is just another tax. You should get it if you need it. My father and his wife both have pensions, my dad has two government pensions -a military one and then one from the government that he worked for when he retired from the military. They both have 401ks and private retirement investment accounts. They do not need the ss checks. Sorry dad, just true. The people who need the money can't get enough to live on and the rich farts don't need theirs. C'mon folks let's get real about this.

  2. Surprised to read that social security isn't means tested in the US. It's kind of impressive in a way. If you're rich, your money is almost certainly invested and this generates what would be classed in the UK as income so you wouldn't qualify for it.

  3. The rich need to contribute their fair share. We can no longer rely on the quickly fading middle class to carry the country.


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