Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A**hole Patrol: Marcus Bachmann

Gay cure? Fa-bulous!

Michelle Bachmann's camper-than-Richard-Simmonds-riding-a-unicorn hubby is, ironically, a "gay cure" specialist. Hmm... What next? The Kirstie Allie diet plan? Orthodox Jewish skinheads against Zionism? WT f*cking F? Physician, heal thyself indeed...

And this medieval throwback bitch still thinks she can be president if she just tamps down the crazy long enough to sucker Bill O'Reilly? Wow.


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  1. This guy is almost a flamer. Have you ever heard him talk and seen his mannerisms? Look at the way he's poised in this pict.
    Wow, talk about self hatred.


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