Monday, June 6, 2011

Weinergate Slams Shut (Ouch)

So Anthony Weiner finally admits defeat... as Tweety said, "when all else fails, tell the truth."

As a big ol' liberal, all my wingnut buds couldn't wait to say "so you think Ensign, Vitter, Giuliani, etc., etc., should quit, What about Weiner? Ha!"

But "ha" f*ck I say.

First off, I think Weiner is a one of the few worthwhile Dems around and I've always liked the guy... Jeez, compared to most of the stumblef*ck tw*ts cluttering up the Democrat party with their dead weight, I'm pretty much gay for Weiner. But he lied. He didn't break the law, but he lied and made himself look like a schmuck. So he has to quit. There. I said it. If I wanted to support lying sleazebags who only cared about their own job security, I'd vote GOP.


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  1. 100% agree Herb. The guys a sleeze bag liar no matter his politics. His constituents will elect another leftist and they wouldn't dare not appoint another leftist to the position.


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