Monday, June 6, 2011

Trickledown Economics

Amazing as it is, there are still some conservative flat-earthers out there who'd have you believe cutting taxes on the rich somehow stimulates the economy. But Arthur Delany at Huffpo went straight to the source and asked a bunch of millionaires what they'd actually done with their Bush tax cuts over the past decade. How had all that freed-up money helped the economy and created jobs? Here are some of the answers:

"I've kept it."

"I have not done anything with that money."

"I probably traveled a little bit more than I otherwise would have."

"I got a bigger boat than I used to have... it was built in Italy."

"I built a dance floor in my house -- which I really didn't need."

Trickledown? It's a rich guy on a gold-plated stepladder pissing on your head.


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