Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today In History

'Twas the Battle of Little Big Horn. General George Armstrong Custer spies a large group of Indians fleeing their village. "We've caught them napping, boys!" Hollers he and divides his men into three groups in order to more effectively massacre as many retreating men, women and children as possible. Unfortunately, for the 7th Cavalry, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse had other plans... Two days later, Custer is found dead in a pile of 42 other corpses - wearing one boot, one sock and an arrow in his dick.

Now some folks'll try and dress up Custer as some kind of flawed hero, a good General whose legacy was tainted by acting on the orders of anti semite and Indian hater Ulysses S. Grant. Nah. I ain't buying. If there's a hell, I'd hope this a-hole is still down there on slow broil.


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