Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rick Perry: Next Worst President Ever?

So Rick Perry is running for president. Jeez, another developmentally challenged Texas governor in the White House? Please. I know it sounds scientifically impossible, but this nematode is actually less of a statesman than Bush II - he'd actually be a step down from Bush... Wrap your head round that sh*t.

Do Perry's backers not realize that US president and Texas governor are very different jobs? All he has to do as governor is stand in front of flags, crayon smiley faces on whatever bill the chamber of commerce draws up for him and generally stay out of everybody's way. But president??? Presidents are obliged to make decisions and weigh consequences - stuff that's totally anathematic to a pandering knee-jerk poseur such as he. Rick Perry running for president would be like putting a golden retriever on Jeopardy. Even Republicans have standards. Kinda...


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  1. No they don't. Big money will back whoever they think can get elected and do their bidding.


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