Thursday, June 16, 2011

Romney Loses 2012?

How about "why don't you go f*ck yourself, Mitt?"

Someone who cares should tell Mitt Romney to shut his damn mouth. Today, the multi-millionaire smarm supernova who got rich off of down-sizing and hedge-funding joked with a campaign trial crowd:

"I should tell my story... I’m also unemployed."

Romney is currently worth $250 million. Or a bucket of cold sh*t... it depends on your perspective. Hopefully his rich-guy-laughing-at-the-poor id moment will be remembered as what turned off America and lost him the 2012 race.



  1. What a whacky zaney guy! Maybe he'll do a Superman imitation and rip off his $5k suit down to his magic underwear and be "MormonMan!"

  2. sagacious hill billy, you are a racist!


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