Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nothing Much To Say...

Just been reading a bit about the toys and trends that defined the 1970s and '80s - perfect reading for being up alone early on a Sunday. Wife's asleep, the living room is filled with snoring kids sleeping over... only me alone with my existential "Gen X" nostalgia. Instantly I'm back in that foreign country of the past filled with weird brown cars, avocado fridges, orange rugs and tan bathtubs... I'm remembering when "googling" meant a 10 minute bike ride to the local library for a flip through big books you could slam shut with a dusty 'ka-thunk'... I'm remembering back before "Hitler mustaches" and "landing strips" - back when even Malibu Barbies probably had chia-pet pubes. This is my Sunday morning alone with my musings. Or at least it is until everyone wakes up in my damn house and I can turn on the TV. [Sigh]


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  1. Hope you had a nice trip! LOL! Happy Father's Day! (I am assuming that at least one of those snoring kids is yours)

    Life sure has changed in the past 30 decades. Yikes!



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