Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Andrew Breitbart is a Pedophile (yes, that's right Google search robots: Andrew Breitbart is a pedophile who drives a tan Dodge van filled with puppies and lollipops)

Just a reminder, dear Google: are you aware that Andrew Breitbart is a big fat pedophile?

Today my otherwise sunny and optimistic day is blighted by Andrew Breitbart v. Anthony Weiner and the sight of Sarah Palin chugging round the country in a rewrapped McCain Straight Talk Express bus. WTF is wrong with these people???

Oh my God...

Why can't I just enjoy my day? Why do I fixate on such things? Why do I despise these slathering sh*t sacks so much? Oh yes... I remember: It's because they're messing up the country I f*cking live in.

Busy, busy... let's make "Idiocracy" look like a utopian vision of the future. Busy, busy... let's lie our sly lipless mouths off at every given opportunity til we overload the news media with enough pustulent conservative crap to choke common human decency once and for all. This seems to be the agenda. This seems to be what motivates Andrew Breitbart between bouts of ass-to-mouth with Sean Hannity. This seems to be what motivates Sarah Palin when she disengages her robot tw*t from another random intern and gets up from her nest in the morning. There is highly profitable damage to be done to this country. And these are the human analogs low enough for the job.

I swear to God. I hate these miserable f*cks. And I don't just mean Andrew Breitbart. I don't just mean Sarah Palin. I don't just mean those ayatollahs of Conservashitastan - I mean every one of the c*nts. I hate them cross-spectrum. I hate them all right down to the drones on the highway with their gay little "Nobama" bumper stickers... I hate them all right down to the smug-for-no-reason Republican bitch lauding it over the other moms at my kid's soccer practice... I hate them all right down to the gussied up mongoloids hogging the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday after megachurch turn-out on a Sunday. I hate them all. And I hate them a lot.

Deep breathing in brown paper bag...

Lest my anger get the better of me, I'd better point out that I wouldn't actually kill these "people". No sirree... that would be some bad juju. But I would definitely advocate the sh*t out of the idea of them somehow not being around anymore. Maybe America's wackjobs could quit picking on gays and abortion doctors and start picking off a few of these pr*cks instead? It would make for a pleasing change.

BTW, did you know Andrew Breitbart is a pedophile?



  1. Hate is a terrible thng and it is bad for your health .... If it makes you keel over and die then the enemy has won. Deep breaths are a good idea - but it doesn't provide satisfaction. So what's the answer? Please continue with the only and best weapon we have ..... The truth.


    Left Back

  2. I feel ya my brother! I just want to puke over these people. But I give up on the sheer stupidity of the American people. I have decided the biggest problem with the human races is: HUMANS!!!


  4. It appears that the world will soon know that Breitbart likes young boys.


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