Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Matt Drudge: Fat Racist C*nt

Never really understood where the yes-we-mean-black term "urban" came from. Are we whities jus' keepin' it rural? 'Tis perplexing...

Either way, Matt Drudge, that fat racist pile of lobotomized donkey sh*t, sure loves headlines with "urban" in them. I'm guessing it's because conservatives are still only able to bandy about the term "uppity nigger" in private. Check the latest "urban" headlines on Drudge Report:

Paranoid much? Maybe Drudge should throw away his crack pipe and go back to sucking d*cks in Miami's public restrooms to satisfy his oral cravings instead.


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  1. What cracks me up is that they think they're so subtle or subliminal. . . and maybe for their audience they are.


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