Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised...

...Nor, sadly, is it likely to happen any time soon. But stirring words here from Paul B. Farrell at MarketWatch:

Wake up folks. The Super-Rich Delusion is destroying the American Dream for the rest of us. The Super Rich don’t care about you. They’re already stockpiling for the economic time bomb dead ahead. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Time for you to plan ahead for the coming revolution, for another depression.

Farrell equates America's grotesquely top-heavy socio-economic system with those of the Arab countries who've recently started going revolutionary and reckons we're nearly due for an uprising ourselves. But, much as I'd love to see our chubby masses take to the streets in anger, I can't see it happening.

Years ago, America hit on the perfect antidote to revolution: delusionary aspiration. It's that crazy dream of one day being rich that keeps our f*cked over working people tame. In Arab countries they never had that. Their dictators stuck with old-school methods of oppression like torture and fostering an overpowering absence of hope for their peoples - a pressure destined to pop. That's why there are riots in Bahrain but there'll never be in America. Sorry...



  1. Nope. We won't see the lard ass Amurkkkins out there anytime soon. Thy still buy into the "everybody is equal" horse shit. We've got a class system that is old, entrenched and obvious to everyone except those exploited by it. Gotta hand it to the corporate elite; they do an incredible job of keeping the proles stupid, ignorant and satisfied with their crumbs.

  2. The biggest scam of all is how they manage to get poor and middle class people to vote against their better interest. All under the veil of "family values" and "patriotism". For instance, I saw a stat during the healthcare debate that only 65% of the population in Texas has decent health insurance but 87% of the population is against health care reform. Just throw some choice words in the mix like Socialist, Anti American, Illegal Alien, Death Panel, and you're good to go.


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