Monday, April 4, 2011

The Stupid is Strong in This One...

Militant simpleton Mark Williams has announced his fiendish plan to "infiltrate and sabotage" Obama's 2012 campaign by volunteering as a fake campaign worker. Oo-ooh... watch out Muslim Socialists!

Yes. Williams, former Tea Party Express spokesman, is actually dumb enough to announce fiendish plans publicly and ahead of time. Wow. What a bloated f*ckwit he is... And if that wasn't enough, Williams then goes on to blog about Obama's web site ever so sinisterly filling in his address for him when he signed up online:

Eerily enough the Obama campaign web site automatically filled in my home address when I entered my email address... I wonder how they had my home address?

Yes. This 'bagger is also dumb enough not to know that web browsers have an auto-complete feature built in.


Just to be helpful, I'm adding a screen shot of the auto-complete feature in action as it kicks in when one Googles the incomplete phrase "Mark Williams is a...". See how it works, Sparky?


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  1. Time to enact laws against fraudulent campaigning if this is the way they're going to play.


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