Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fox News Lie of The Day

The pro-union/middle class protests in Wisconsin have been remarkably civil affairs given what's at stake. So it's very frustrating for wingnut mediaists as they comb video footage for illustrations of "union thuggery" to fit their bogus narrative. But that don't worry Fox none...

On Monday night's episode of the O'Reilly Factor, they managed to find some film of "union thuggery" in Wisconsin - it was all bullhorns, scuffling, anger and... err... palm trees. Being unable to find what they wanted, Fox simply pasted in video of an earlier protest in Sacramento instead. Ironically, the fake footage was played while O'Reilly and some other Fox gimp whined passive aggressively about people calling them liars. Oh my.


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  1. What a crock of shit! I have inside information on certain union activities in the IL/WI area. There are no unions busing in protesters. In fact, the insiders I know are a little bit pissed that the unions are not sending operatives to WI to join the fray. Some of them have traveldd there on weekends on their own time and that's about it.
    Also, "professionally printed signs?" That's not a sign of outside union activity. The organizers I know have work parties before a protest where they make signs by hand. It's a much more effective tactic than carrying around the same sign 150 others are carrying.
    Fox News lies and makes shit up.


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