Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conservatives Fighting Democracy

It's been obvious for decades that Republicans don't want to fight fair. If there was a level playing field, a fair electoral system, these f*cks would never win in a million years. So why not just admit it? Enough Republican voters are happy to say it privately. Ever hear them push the old notion that America was never meant to be a democracy - it's a republic? That meme was particularly popular back when liberals were complaining about the old Bush putsch of 2000. But the funny thing is that their leaders never admit it publicly. Instead, they keep on with the lying, the dumbing down and the voter suppression to get their way. Say Think Progress:

In the most egregious example of voter disenfranchisement legislation in the country, state Rep. Gregory Sorg (R) has introduced a bill that would bar thousands of college students and service members from voting in the communities where they live and attend school. According to New Hampshire House Speaker William O’Brien (R) the legislation is necessary because there “are kids voting liberal, voting their feelings, with no life experience.”

I take it back. They are admitting it. So would it be fair for this liberal to wonder if there should be an upper-age cut off for voting? Personally, I'm sick of bitter septuagenarian a-holes who no longer care about anything but the preservation of their own wrinkled hides voting their "feelings". Can't we stop the coffin-dodgers deciding elections? (Shout at kids, Nap, Oprah, Metamucil, vote Republican...)


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